International Conference
on Chemical Sciences & Applications
6-9 Aug 2016, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Last date for ِAbstract submissions: 6th July 2016
  • Last date for paper submissions: 1st Aug. 2016
  • Opening ceremony and conference registration: Saturday 6th Aug. 2016 - 12:00 PM
  Abstract Template and poster specifications


(Main Title; Time New Roman size 15, centre and bold)



Authors’ names

(Time New Roman size 13 and bold; the author who will present the article, his name is underlined and centre)


Addresses of the authors and e-mail of participant author

 (Time New Roman size 11 and italic, centre)



(Text: Time New Roman size 12 and justify).







Figure 1. Figure and/or scheme should have brief title describing its content.


  1. G. Gece, Corros.  Sci. 50 (2008) 2981–2992.
  2. H. M. Abd El-Lateef; Ph.D. Dissertation, SohagUniversity (2010).


 Note: the abstract should not be more than one page.

 Please send your Abstract as attach file at:



Poster Guidelines
Dimensions and Materials
  1. The maximum size for a poster is 70" wide X 90" tall (portrait).
  2. Posters should be printed on standard or heavyweight paper and may be laminated or vinyl.
  3. Do not use tri-fold systems, tag board, foam board, cardboard or other materials that cannot be hung with conventional push pins.
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